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I adore new beginnings. Writing my first-ever post on this new, so-pretty platform makes me happy, happy, happy! I’m going to be popping onto the blog each week with a Stacy’s Pick. This means I’ll be perusing both member profiles and our student gallery on an ongoing basis, looking for people and projects to spotlight—sometimes I’ll be picking products too! For me, it’s the community that will make this new chapter in our BPC story the best it can be. I want to see active participation with lots of chatter, and I am committed to help make that happen. If you’re already signed up, fantastic. Now, it’s time to personalize your profile with a photo of you and an image you love.

Because today is little special (first-days are like that), I’ve got two picks to share!

Meet Alexes Marie Brown

Alexes lives in Anchorage, Alaska, where in the summer, it gets light at 4:30am and stays light until 11:45pm. She admits that this extended day can really mess with your daily routine, because you can completely forget to fix dinner and then realize it’s nine o’clock at night! Alexes is married and has three young children, which keep her pretty busy, but she is passionate about paper (anyone?), and so she makes time to play! She has done design work for Fancy Pants Designs, Basic Grey, and My Craft Channel, and she is a current member of the My Mind’s Eye design team. Go girl!

If you want to find and follow Alexes (or anyone else) at Big Picture Classes, all you have to do is click on Community from the home page and then Find Classmates from the drop-down menu. Enter the name of the member you’re looking for. If you're looking for friends and they aren't a member yet, go ahead and invite them!  And be sure to tell them about our FREE two week trial!

Interactive Pockets!

Take a look at what Diana from Three Hill, Alberta, Canada created in Stephanie Bryan’s Interactive Elements class. I love both Stephanie’s original idea of creating an interactive Project Life spread and Diana’s adaptation. Regardless of whether your albums are traditional or pocket-style, you could easily create and add set of these quickie “week in the life” pockets, where one pocket for each day holds a vellum insert, a photo, a piece of memorabilia and a little bit of journaling on a tag or die-cut shape. Even I could do this!

Would you like to be a Stacy’s Pick?
Take a class, make something, share it in the gallery AND take a few minutes to add details to your public profile. Tell us who you are, what you love and why you’re here. All of the Stacy’s Pick people will be entered into a monthly drawing for happy mail. We’re talking recognition and reward. Hello? Anyone want some happy mail?? Come join in and be an active part of our new BPC community!

Why not?


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  1. toribissell toribissell says…

    How cool!

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  2. toribissell toribissell says…

    P.S. The first picture isn't working.

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  3. stacyjulian stacyjulian says…

    Good catch Tori -- fixing this now. Thanks!

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    1. toribissell toribissell says…

      Happy to help.

  4. coffeek13 coffeek13 says…

    Stacey, I wondered how the new format would work. I need not have worried. It's beautiful and there are all these new classes with new teachers and I can't get them all done quickly enough! May you & your team keep up the great work! I'm so glad I found Big Picture Classes last May.

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