What's New at Big Picture Classes?

We are never short of inspiration here at Big Picture Classes!!  Throughout each month, we will be releasing new and inspiring classes that cover a range of topics that we know you will love!!  This week, we have three amazing new classes to share with you.  Aly Dosdall offers you another lesson in her Document 2015 class series, Carissa Wiley shares some inspiring ideas to get you out of a creative rut and Jenni Hufford gives you tips and tricks for planning and documenting the trip of a lifetime!!  We hope to see you in the classroom!

Document 2015 | March with Aly Dosdall

Document each month of 2015 with a little help from Aly Dosdall. Every month Aly will provide new ideas for layouts, organization, and more to make memory-keeping easy. In this third installment of the Document 2015 class series, Aly will be sharing a new month-in-review layout, some sketches, and plenty of tips to help you record the year in an authentic, creative, and fun way. As we all know, life is busy, so finding time to scrapbook can be tough, but this monthly series is a great way to set aside some time to get those stories told! At the end of the year, each student will come away with an entire album documenting their story in 2015.

Inspiration Ignited with Carissa Wiley

In a creative rut? Find a fresh perspective with Inspiration Ignited! Carissa Wiley will show you how to ignite (or reignite!) your passion for making by finding inspiration in fashion, home decor and even photography. Through 5 videos and 14 cards, she'll share her tips and tricks for translating inspiration pieces into beautiful and unique projects. 

Documenting the Magic with Jenni Hufford

Get ready to Document the Magic with Jenni Hufford! Some of Jenni's most treasured family memories, both past and present, have happened during family vacations at theme parks like Walt Disney World®. Documenting those memories after she and her family get home lets her relive the thrills again and again. In this class series, Jenni will be sharing tips to help you easily document all the magical moments of your next vacation - everything from packing suitcases, to must-snap photos (Teacups ride, anyone?!) that you will be able to pull into a special album to cherish for a lifetime. 

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