A New Chapter in the Big Picture Story

A New Chapter in the Big Picture Story

Since 2005, Big Picture Classes has helped inspire thousands of crafters all over the world to continue to grow and learn through expert content that's as fun as it is educational.

In 2014, we met a company that shared our heart of providing great content for crafters and memory-keepers, no matter their location. You might say it was love at first live chat! It was then that Studio Calico and Big Picture partnered up with a shared goal of providing the very best classes, content, and more for the crafting community. Through this partnership, we’ve been able to expand our education platform while staying true to our foundation.

Big Picture Classes founder, Stacy Julian, has been there every step of the way in this partnership and an integral part of the process as both companies grow. We are determined to be the go-to destination for anyone who loves to craft and know this is where you belong!


At our core, Big Picture Classes is all about providing exciting educational content while integrating a super fun classroom environment and supportive community. We want to provide you with all the tools you need to thrive. Our classes cover everything from traditional scrapbooking techniques to integrative DIY ideas that balance instructional content with an interactive learning atmosphere, so when you sit at your computer with your favorite supplies and photos in hand, you're set for success before you even press go. Throughout each month, we will launch BRAND NEW classes for continued learning and inspiration!  We know you will love all that we have in store for you!

Today, we have a very special class launch just for YOU!  Join BPC founder, Stacy Julian in a delightfully easy and super intuitive mini album class!  She will share her some of her best time saving tips to keep you focused on the finish line. You’ll start by building a custom kit from your stash and then learn how to push past common obstacles to a place of happy go lucky creating. In a matter of hours you can complete a snazzy 6x6 scrapbook filled with 25 to 40 photos of a special occasion, destination or relationship you want to remember and celebrate.  This is one class you won't want to miss!


Along with new classes from experts all over the world (seriously, we're not joking - if you want to teach for us, we'd love to see your work!), we're so excited to be able to provide the latest, high-quality art and craft supplies to add that extra oomph to your projects. Of course, our classes will show you how to use products too, so don't be afraid to pick up something you've never tried before! Whether you're new to the craft of memory-keeping, or you've been doing it for decades like us, we're so glad you're on this journey with us. We'll keep setting goals, and we hope to inspire you to set a few creative goals of your own this year and for many years to come. 

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  1. avatar SparrowApril says…

    I'm not sure where to leave feedback, but so far I'm disappointed in the new format. The class I'm taking right now has no video. The instruction is just like a blog post. I am not interested in paying for classes so that I can read a computer screen. I want video instruction, I want to see and hear, that's how I learn.

    I'm not sure if it is just this one class or if most the classes are going to be this way. I really do want to go THRU the classes I take not just jump in look around and an scan the materials, but I have no interest in READING classes & instruction. Also the type is WAY too small to be reading large sections of it on a monitor. If there IS going to be a lot of reading to do, I would prefer it to be in a format where I can download it onto my tablet and read it in an app that will put it into more of a book format (like Kindle or ibooks - so PDF would work).

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  2. avatar calisnanny says…

    I am so confused by this new set up. I have takes hundreds of dollars worth of classes thru big picture classes and I do not understand anything on this new site. I am getting emails and info from Studio Calico and Big Picture...who I thought were all one.??? Please explain to me..Your classes offered do not seem interesting. I thought this new venture was suppose to be better??I am so disappointed..I know it doesn't matter what I think....

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