Create New Projects with New Classes

Get inspired with three new classes starting today! Leigh Odynski challenges you to capture your everyday in Photo-a-Day | 04. In DIY Planner Supplies Organization, Carla De Taboada shares creative projects to keep you organized. And in Just Another Day, Allison Waken walks you through creating a unique mini album about another day in your life! Get started on your next project with one of these fun classes today! 

Photo-a-Day | 04

All you really need to record your favorite memories is a camera and the willingness to experiment and have fun! In this class, Leigh Odynski shares her passion for recording memories by providing 31 photo prompts that will inspire you to document your everyday life. You’ll also learn useful tips for getting your photos off the camera and into an album you’ll love.

Start snapping your photos with Leigh!

DIY Planner Supplies Organization

Get organized with Carla De Taboada! Carla knows the key to successful planning is keeping your workspace neat and tidy so that when you're ready to create, you have the ideal space to work in. Join her in this class and learn how to create organizing projects that will keep you on track and inspired. Make an accordion organizer to house your planner stickers, a geometric box to hold loose clips, and a flip book to contain your sticky notes. Tackle these projects and more in this class!

Create DIY projects with Carla!

Just Another Day

Recording the big moments in life is always a popular topic for memory keeping projects. But when was the last time you recorded the details that make up just another day? Your morning routine, interactions with family and friends, daily tasks, and where you go—each detail has a story to tell. In Just Another Day, Allison Waken will show you how to create a mini album to highlight the little things that make your day unique. She'll guide you through the whole process from printing photos, to creating specialty pages, to providing journaling prompts—each step designed to piece together your day from start to finish. Your daily life is a huge part of your story—take time to record it!

Record your day with Allison!

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