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Create more with three new classes starting at BPC today! In Kit Building and Stash Busting, join Natalie Elphinstone and learn how to create your own kit out of the supplies you already have in order to use them up. Jen Randall shares inspiring ideas to write down the daily details in Journaling in Your Memory Planner. And Amy Jo Vanden Brink is bringing you five unique photo and journaling prompts in this month's Pocket Prompts. There's something for everyone—get started today!

Kit Building and Stash Busting

Don't hoard your supplies! In this class, Natalie Elphinstone shares how to create your own unique kit from the oldest and most overlooked items in your stash and then use them up to create fresh, new projects! Bust your stash by creating layouts, pocket page spreads, and smaller projects such as cards with your new, home-made kit. Put your hoarded supplies to work with exciting, renewed inspiration and free up space for your next product purchase in the process!

Bust your stash with Natalie!

Journaling in Your Memory Planner

Capture your everyday in your planner! In this class, Jen Randall reveals unique techniques for adding your words into your planner. Incorporate tags, bags, tip-ins, and page protectors to increase the "real estate" on your pages. Plus, explore using memorabilia to better tell a story. Whether you're using a memory planner or a functional planner, these methods can be applied to add interest and depth to your pages!

Record your everyday with Jen!

Pocket Prompts | 29

This month, Amy Jo Vanden Brink is sharing five photo prompts and five journaling prompts, as well as a look into her process of putting a page together from start to finish. Pick up that camera and pen, and let Amy Jo guide the way! 

Start documenting with Amy Jo!

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