Get Back to the Basics with New Classes

The ideas and techniques in these classes are sure to inspire you! In Color by Color, Terhi Koskinen shares the basics of the color wheel and how to use this knowledge to create dynamic, stunning layouts. In The Principles of Design for Cardmakers, Elena Anderson reveals the principles and skills that can take your card design to the next level. Ashley Fowler shares how to keep your goals and supplies within reach in Planning within Reach

Color by Color

Delve into the theory of color with Terhi Koskinen and get the skills to use colors in a whole new way. Create a monochromatic spread, work with neighboring colors, and combine all the colors together in one unique project. When you understand the basics of colors, you'll have everything you need to make color work to your advantage in all your projects. 

Join Terhi for a look into the exciting world of color theory! 

The Principles of Design for Cardmakers

Elena Anderson is back with a follow-up class to The Elements of Design for Cardmakers, this time focusing on the principles of design. Explore each principle and how they can be applied to your projects. Then, with a brand new outlook on design, put your skills to work creating cards that focus on each principle. Your stunning cards will be sure to bring a smile to your loved one's face! 

Make dynamic, creative cards using the principles of design with Elena!

Planning within Reach

Ashley Fowler shares her tips and tricks for keeping her planner products close by and organized in this inspirational class. Learn about essential planner supplies, workspace organization, and how to "plan before you plan" to save time. Then, see a whole spread come together using these techniques. Your planner goals are at your fingertips!

Get organized with Ashley!

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