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From the very first time Shanna used her journaling bible in a creative way, she noticed a spark in connecting her creative side to her faith, and she couldn't wait to dig in deeper. In her class here at Big Picture Classes, Illustrated Faith, she shares how she documents her walk in her faith in a meaningful and personal way.  Today, Shanna has even more inspiration to share with us!  

Hi there!!! 

Today I thought I would share my top 5 tips for stamping in your bible.

One of the questions I get most when I am sharing my journaling bible is HOW are you stamping in your bible? The truth is stamping in your bible is one of the easiest ways to illustrate your faith in the margins of your bible, it's flat, you can use many colors and let's face it, stamping is just fun!

1. When you are stamping one of the most important thing to remember is the type of ink you are using. You are going to want to avoid dye based ink and use more pigment or chalk based inks. Some of my favorites are StazOn and Prima chalk liners. I also really like markers that are made for stamping like distress markers or faber-castell pitt pens.

2. Give yourself a little base to work on by slipping a piece of cardboard or mat behind your page. Once you start working in your bible a lot it will get a bit bumpy on those thin pages (from the bulk you have added) so having a nice flat work space is great and it helps you protect the other pages as well.

3. If you do experience any bleed thru on your pages don't fret! You are going to be journaling on the backside of that page at some point and it will cover that up!

4. If you are still unsure about stamping make sure to practice on a piece of scrap paper before you jump into your bible.

5. Embrace imperfection! Stamping is an art, as such every time you stamp it's going to look different! I love that wonky look you can get from stamping sometimes, if we wanted a perfect image we would simply print them out. This is an art, have fun with it and don't worry about getting a little messy!

I hope you are having fun using your journaling bible in a creative way, make sure you stop by the class and say hello!

- Shanna

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