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These four classes are sure to inspire you with new and original ideas! Jess Forster’s Pocket Page Adventures teaches how to balance memory-making with memory-keeping while on vacation. In Storybook Baby Album, Lisa Moorefield demonstrates how to tell your child’s story in an original and charming way—within the pages of a children's book. Join Laura Craige in His & Hers as she shares unique ways to create cards for both the special men and women in your lives. Overcome your project anxieties and refresh your creative process with Olya Schmidt’s Inspired Art Journaling.

Pocket Page Adventures with Jess Forster

Everyone loves going on vacation, but it can be stressful if you’re too busy trying to document it. In Pocket Page Adventures, Jess Forster teaches you how to balance memory-making with memory-keeping while on vacation. A self-confessed planner, Jess sees vacation-scrapbooking this way: you wouldn’t go on vacation without a plan, so why should a scrapbook about your vacation be any different? Through pre-vacation organizing, practical on-the-road strategies, bonus tips, and more, Jess shows that you can end up with a well-documented Project Life® album and still enjoy every moment of your vacation.

Start your Project Life® adventure with Jess!

Storybook Baby Album with Lisa Moorefield

It’s never too late to create a baby album—even if your baby is already grown up! Like many moms, Lisa Moorefield started crafting after having kids and never quite finished that baby album she wanted to create. In Storybook Baby Album, Lisa demonstrates how she told her child’s story in an original and charming way: within the pages of a children's book. You’ll learn what kinds of books work best, how to prepare your book for scrapbooking, and how to put it all together. Lisa will show you how to use photos, interactive elements, features from the original book, and more to document your little one’s story.

Join Lisa to create a storybook for your child!

Inspired Art Journaling with Olya Schmidt

Overcome your project anxieties with Olya Schmidt’s Inspired Art Journaling. This class reveals how to refresh your creative process by experimenting with new ways of using your paper stash and your watercolor and acrylic paints. Learn how to use up those “just in case” paper scraps you’ve been saving and how to organize and collect your ideas all in one place for future inspiration. Olya will teach you how to fuel creativity by beating perfectionism and turning the fear of a blank page into the thrill of creating.

Get inspired with Olya

His & Hers | Cards with Laura Craige

No matter what the occasion, receiving a handmade card makes you feel good. Laura Craigie shows how to create personalized cards for men, women, children—anyone—for any occasion! Each lesson provides a how-to video and tips on creating a “masculine” and “feminine” version of a card. Laura also shares the different techniques she uses when creating cards, like the “rule of thirds” and her method of creating easy grid backgrounds.

Get crafty with Laura!

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