Meaningful Journaling

Journaling definitely isn't always the easiest part of memory keeping. Getting stuck is common, as is winding up with journaling that doesn't accurately represent the event you're trying to preserve. This summer, Wilna Furstenberg gave us a peek into her art journaling process in her class Art Journaling | Defining Moments, and she's back today with more general journaling tips! 

Hello! Wilna here! Today I want to share with you a few tips on journaling in your art journal or on your scrapbook layouts. Although I don’t do it every time, I have always enjoyed adding words to my pages. I love the texture handwritten journaling adds to a layout. 

A lot of journaling can make a page weighty, and I love that feeling and the look it creates. Here are a few tips for adding more journaling to your pages:

  • I won’t lie to you – it’s hard! Finding the words to write takes practice. This is one reason I almost always write my journaling as a letter – it’s easier for me to come up with the right words when they’re directed toward a specific person. It also feels less awkward than just writing down my thoughts.
  • It’s time consuming. I suggest finding a distraction-free zone to jot things down. Sometimes when I want to get some serious journaling done, I take my journals to a coffee shop just to write. Home can offer too many distractions that I suggest avoiding, like cell phones, computers, TVs and demanding noises (i.e. my kids! ;) ).
  • My goal is for my journaling to always be honest and heartfelt. It isn’t always easy to know what’s in your heart, but sometimes just one honest statement sets the tone for the whole writing journey. Even something like, “Today really sucked. I was incredibly anxious about...”
  • In my faith-based art journaling, I write letters to my heavenly Father, mixing my words with Bible verses to add meaning. I love using a thicker marker for certain passages so that they’ll stand out when I re-read the journals.

These few tips will go a long way in personalizing your journaling and making it more meaningful. I hope this advice helps you achieve the richness brought on by heavy journaling on your pages!

Much love!


For those of you who have yet to check out Wilna's Art Journaling | Defining Moments, you're definitely missing out! Hop into the classroom now for some more art journaling insight!

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