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Our selection of classes at BPC is growing every week. One of the awesome classes now available to subscribers is Carissa Wiley's Inspiration Ignited! which cleverly investigates five different sources of inspiration (fashion, home decor, art, photography and stationary) for cards and all kinds of creative projects. Each of the five lessons features a video, where Carissa highlights potential ideas and discusses the mood, colors, patterns, elements and structure in terms of how they might be translated and used on a project. Naturally, Carissa then shows you exactly how she interprets one of the inspiration pieces on a card of her own design—14 cards in all!

But, I'm going to be perfectly honest and tell you that I missed this class. Why? Because it's listed under the category of cards and I'm not making a lot of cards these days. Luckily, as I was perusing the gallery, I bumped into this image, which piqued my curiosity and linked me back to Carissa's class! I happen to be a bit of a tissue box snob, which means I'm super picky about my tissue boxes. I only buy designs that I like and that will look good in my home (please tell me I'm not the only one?) Anyway, when I saw how Tania Ballestrin @TaniaB found inspiration in her Kleenex box, she had my attention—and to think that because I had limited myself to looking only at certain classes, I might have overlooked it altogether. Shame on me! I would hate for someone else to make this mistake, so I'm here with a friendly reminder that the super cool thing about our new subscription model is the fact that once subscribed, you have access to ALL of the classes. ALL of them. Please don't be like me and limit your FUN. 

Now, back to talented Tania, who lives in Darwin, Australia with her husband and two children. Darwin by the way is up north (down under) and the climate is very humid and tropical. Tania has always loved crafts, photography and writing and was extremely happy when these passions collided in 2003, the day she discovered scrapbooking. 

Let's get to know Tania a bit better ...

Favorite colors? 
I love loads of colours (notice she corrected my spelling!) but I find that my mood will often dictate which colours I turn to. Aqua and teal are favourites right now, and I'm a big fan of anything bright!

All time best movies?
I would have to say, An Officer and a Gentleman and Pretty Woman. I'm a sucker for Richard Gere (in his day) and Julia Roberts. Currently, our family loves Adam Sandler movies!

How do you make time to craft?
I scrapbook whenever I can. I work three days per week and try and fit something crafty in on at least one of my days off. I am a night owl too, so I'm usually scrapping 'til way too late in the evening. 

What would you do with an extra $100
If I had an extra $100, I would buy a little something crafty, something to wear and then donate $20 to charity. 

You see how easy it is to make friends at BPC?
Just ask a few questions, get some answers and discover that oceans might separate us, but our love of colour, crafting and handsome actors will make up the miles! 

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  1. avatar TaniaB says…

    Oh wow Stacy, thank you so much for featuring my work and your awesome blog post. I am very humbled!

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