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Today we are going to talk jelly.

What's the first thing you think of when I say jelly?
Peanut butter and jelly? 
How about a jelly roll (My aunt makes a delicious pumpkin jelly roll.)
Of course there are jelly fish—be careful not to step on one, or you'll get stung!
Did you know that teens (especially girls) might refer to other teens (especially girls) as being "jelly"? Yep, it's true and it means jealous, which is exactly what you'll be when you realize how much I know about a whole new kind of jelly—a jelly that starts with a "G" ...

FIVE things I now know about Gelli Plates ...

1. A Gelli Plate looks and feels like a slab of clear jello, but it's super durable and incredibly versatile to work with. 

2. You can use a Gelli Plate to create a variety of amazingly cool, textured, and totally unique backgrounds for cards. 

3. Gelli Plates work best with a small amount of acrylic paint, which cleans up easily. Inks can actually stain a Gelli Plate.

4. Even better for people like me is the fact that you don't have to clean the paint off your Gelli Plate between colors. Just start with lighter colors first, and watch as you progress through applications in your chosen palette: the colors will begin to blend together creating even cooler results!

5. You can use rubber stamps and stencils and even everyday items like bubble-wrap or real leaves with your Gelli-Plate. The more you experiment and play the more you'll be able to do. 

Now, I bet you'd LOVE to know how I learned so much about Gelli plates wouldn't you?
Turns out I took a class at BPC, called Falling for Cards.
This is a brand new class, taught by Kimberly Crawford. It is delightfully fun and very well done. 
Just look at the adorable card that Kimberly creates in her Gelli Plate video ...

Kimberly is full of tips, tricks, solutions and ideas, but there's no reason for you to be "jelly." 
All you have to do is log in and start learning!

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