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Getting Started

Join me in creating a project focused solely on YOU, the person behind the memory keeping!

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Choose Format and Gather Supplies

It's time to gather supplies and decide how you would like to document yourself!

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I Am Statement

If you had a to describe yourself to another person, what words or adjectives would you use?

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Morals and Values

What is your top priority? What characteristics do you value? Let's document those things!

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Affirmations and Self Love

You are important! Spend time taking care of yourself and encouraging yourself, then record it!

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Passion and Inspiration

Inspiration directly feeds into what YOU are passionate about...Where do you find those sources?

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Dreams and Goals

Unlock the imaginative side of yourself as well as the realistic one and let's get busy documenting!

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Prompts Joy and Gratitude

Let's get creative with a fun prompt to reveal & document the things that bring YOU joy!

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Favorites and Guilty Pleasures

We all have favorites...and we all have those little guilty little pleasures. So let's record them!

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Bucket Lists

What are some things you hope to experience during your lifetime? What's on your bucket list?

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Your Routine

How do you spend your day! Let's review hour by hour!

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Project Encouragement

Recap the value behind this project and find some encouragement for going forward!