Jrey decembermemories lesson01 teaser
Welcome & Introduction

Let's tell December stories together! Think about the stories you would like to have in an album.

Jrey decembermemories lesson02 teaser
Setting Up The Album

Start with the end in mind: let's make this album ready for all those December stories!

Jrey decembermemories lesson03 teaser
Interactive Pages: Flippin' Fantastic!

Let's create some interactive pages using flip-outs/flip-ups!

Jrey decembermemories lesson04 teaser
Interactive Pages: In The Pocket!

Let's create some interactive pages by adding a pocket to your page!

Jrey decembermemories lesson05 teaser
Interactive pages: Everything Is Swiveling!

Let's create some interactive pages by making it swivel!

Jrey decembermemories lesson06 teaser
My Album So Far

Let's flip through my December Memories album together!