Teaser1 2
Big Title Cut File

Big cut file, several photos, busy patterned background—can this work? Absolutely!

Teaser2 (1)
Big Photo

Showcase a big photo and a busy pattern in a balanced and eye-catching way.

Teaser3 (1)
Negative Space

A little blank island in a sea of patterned paper? Yes, please!

Teaser4 (1)

Let's use vellum to reduce the intensity of a busy pattern, but not hide it completely!

Teaser5 (1)
Cardstock Strip

A strip of cardstock is all you need to tone down a busy background in this lesson!

Teaser6 (1)
Big Cut File

A cut file is always a yes, and if you match it with a busy patterned paper, you have a perfect fit!