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Excelent ideas!! Súper funny!! Thanks!
I REALLY liked the 'show and tell' way Nathalie presented the multitude of ways to use scrapbook designs in a Traveler's Notebook!! Her step-by-step instructions took the mystery out of it all!!
great class lots of useful tips.
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@marymac13 Aberdeen, United Kingdom
Lots of great ideas and tips for adapting scrapbooking techniques to travelers notebook! I enjoyed this class very much!
@Msaula United States
Great class. Lots of creative ideas and beautiful page designs.
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@AmeliaWoodbridge Satellite Beach, FL
Excellent Class! Thank you
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@lwardwallace Riverside, CA
ABSOLUTELY LOVED this class. Please do more TN classes. There were so many ideas and you talked through all the steps completely. Thank you ❤
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@StephanieHokenson United States
This is a wonderfully comprehensive guide to transitioning from larger page scrapbooking to Traveler's Notebook scrapping. It is very well done using beautiful pages, demonstrating easily implemented strategies that can be immediately applied.
TN are the only way I am scrapbooking now so I loved this class and any videos using TNs
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@martah22 Redwood City, CA
Great class. I was having trouble going from 12 x 12 scrapbooking to TN size and this has inspired me to have confidence. Thank you
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@Romie United Kingdom