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Excellent class!!!
This class was absolutely perfect, easy to learn and understand and is going to make my ideas turn into tangible pieces of art. I can not wait! Thank you!
@Karmasjourney Grand Prairie, TX
Catherine is a wonderful teacher, is very encouraging, and is a complete natural. It's a pleasure listening to her voice as you paint and play around in Photoshop. I felt like her instruction was suited both to Photoshop noobs, as well as daily Photoshoppers (like myself). I have been wanting to know how to do this since forever, and Catherine made it so easy to learn. I absolutely love what I have made with this class.
Cayleegrey about sq
@CayleeGrey Baden-Württemburg, Germany
Loved it learn a lot of new techniques to use in my digital work.
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@NatalieJo Weston, WI
Thanks heaps, I had forgotten about the magic eraser tool. I used art journaling pages I had painted ages ago, with 'bits' I liked and separated them, thanks again
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@sue54 Fishermans Paradise, NSW Australia
Thank you for a terrific class! I love the way you broke things down into simple steps and built upon them. I am going to use my creations for my Happy Planner!
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@moonball Kingston, ON Canada
I've had Photo shop for a while and struggled with it. I can't wait to try all of these techniques. Thanks
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@Brendascrapz Windham, NH
I thought this class was brilliant, it taught me something I have never known how to do properly. It was all explained so clearly and made me feel like I could go and do it right away! Thanks!
Jennifer grace pic big picture
@jennifergrace Dorset, United Kingdom
Love this class...she makes things so simple. It sets my mind to lots of possibilites
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@Mitzi Liberty, SC
Fantastic class, great teacher. Easy to follow, full of inspiration.