Get Creative with New Classes

Check out three fresh, new classes coming to Big Picture Classes this week! Meghann Andrew shares tips and tricks to make your titles stand out and tell a story in Terrific Titles. In Favorites | Photos + Memories, Beshka Kueser reveals her quick and easy, step-by-step method for creating mini albums of your favorite moments. Maggie Massey inspires you to create a story-focused photo journal of your home in Where We Live

Terrific Titles

Spark excitement and draw interest from your viewers with dynamic, well-designed titles. Meghann Andrew has loads of tips and tricks to make your titles the star of your layout. Utilize principles of design to entice your viewers into delving further into your layout, learn strategic product placement, and use words you already have in your journaling stash. After this class, your titles will never take a backseat to other elements again. 

Create dynamic titles with Meghann!

Favorites | Photos + Moments

Whether you're recording a vacation, your kids, or your favorite season, creating a mini-album is the perfect way to document all your favorite things! Beshka Kueser shares a streamlined, time-efficient way to get your favorite photos and moments into a perfect memory keeping format that you can share and look at regularly. Get tips for embellishments, creative touches, and more in this fun, new class!  

Get started documenting your favorite things with Beshka!

Where We Live

Our rooms and how we live in them are such huge parts of our story, and it's time we document them. Maggie Massey shares how to create a story-focused photo journal featuring all the aspects of your home–your living room, dining room, kids' rooms–as they are, right this very minute. You won't want to miss this class!

Join Maggie and make a photo journal of your home! 

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