Work the White Space
Welcome, let's work the white space!

Let's talk about white space! Janna shares tricks and tips for creating white space.

Lo1 whitespace 800 square
Borders and Frames

Add borders and frames for a clean and light design that highlights the main part of the layout.

Lo2 whitespace 800 square
Establishing Hierarchy

Space letters to create a focal highlight.

Lo3 whitespace 800 square
Improved Focus

Work with empty space and repetition to improve the focus.

Bpc kathleen graum%c3%bcller 800px
Title Highlight

Guest designer Kathleen shares how to create a title using white space.

Bpc steffi ried 800px
Textured White Space

Guest designer Steffi shares how to create a stunning layout that features textured white space.

Goodbye, crafty friends!

Let's say goodbye and share our work.