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TN Basics

Let's start at the very beginning with a review of the TN system.

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Photo Templates

Download the class photo templates and learn how to use them!

Wt notebooks

Let's get started with a little inspiration! Take a peek at how Lisa is using her TNs.

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DIY Notebooks

Learn how to create your own mix-and-match Traveler's Notebook.

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Planning a Notebook

Walk through ten steps to plan out your next notebook mini album.

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DIY Notebook Walk-Through

Lisa flips through her completed DIY notebook.

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Everyday Documenting—Stamping

Let's talk about the most versatile technique for TNs—stamping!

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Everyday Documenting—Design Ideas

We're talking TN spread design—from photo sizes to using horizontal photos to 12 new sketches.

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Everyday Documenting—Adapting Sketches

Learn tips and tricks for using a scrapbook sketch as a jumping-off point for your next TN spread.

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Document On the Go—Planning

A bit of planning before your trip will streamline your on-the-go documenting process.

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Document on the Go—Packing

Pack up your essentials and get ready to document on the go!

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Document on the Go—Album Progress

Check in on Lisa's on-the-go notebook progress.

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Document on the Go—Album Walk-Through

Join Lisa as she walks you through her completed notebook.