The Post-Vacation Traveler's Notebook
Bpc post vacaytn lesson1 preview

Feeling the growing obsession for Traveler's Notebooks? Learn why I choose to document AFTER travel.

Bpc post vacaytn lesson2 preview

Because keeping your whole trip "locked safely in here" *taps forehead* just isn't going to work.

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The Wireframe

I always love to tackle any project with a plan.

Bpc post vacaytn lesson4 preview
Favorite Techniques | Section/Day Dividers

How to show moving from day-to-day or trip-to-trip.

Bpc post vacaytn lesson5 preview
Favorite Techniques | Inserting Instax

Instax + TN go together like PB + J.

Bpc post vacaytn lesson6 preview
Favorite Techniques | “I don’t have a photo for that”

Your TN doesn't have to be all about photography + documenting. Add some hand-rendered touches.

Bpc post vacaytn lesson7 preview
Traveler’s Notebook Favorite Spreads

It's time for the big reveal—take a look at the final product!