Spring Decor

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Great ideas and very pretty decor items.
@Lubear United States
loved it ! Thanks for including instructions for if we DONT have a Cricut!
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@kathy4stamps2000 United States
Incredible! So excited to start doing this!
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@Cendrine France
I'd prefer all the lessons were video lessons.
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Great class ideas, simple and easy and I have everything in my sash!!!!
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@peggylee1234 Lancaster, NH
What a fun class with easy step by step instructions for making 3 really cute spring projects. I can't wait to play along.
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@toribissell Stouffville, ON Canada
I love the framed ideas with the ribbon and washi behind the spring cut-outs.
@doreenpage Hampton, GA
I loved the class & am eager to start making pretty DIY decorations to hang in my home! Paige's directions were clear & concise and after taking the class I feel that I CAN create my own seasonal decor. I love that the ideas in this class can be used for any season by simply changing the supplies. Another positive is that I already have the majority of supplies needed for the projects in my stash! Thanks for the great class & the amazing home decor ideas! :) Rebekah