Scrapbooking with Vintage Photos
Gettingstarted main 1
Getting Started

Gather and organize vintage photos to tell meaningful stories that connect you to your past.

Schoolphotos mainlessonphoto 1
Baby & School Photos

Explore interesting ways to use baby and school photos.

Tellyourstory  mainlessonphoto 1
Tell Your Story

Dig deeper into the history of your family to tell some meaningful stories.

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No Story? Now, What?

Learn interesting ways to use vintage photos without a story.

Connections main 1
Making Connections

Discover how to use photos from multiple generations to make comparisons or show similarities.

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BONUS: Mini Albums Using Old Photos

Use vintage photos to celebrate a loved one in a mini album.

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BONUS: Vintage Photos off the Page

Use your vintage photos to create unique greeting cards.