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Choose Your Next Adventure

Start your event planning off on the right foot to make sure you enjoy the whole process.

Lesson 2

Event Brainstorm

Let's brainstorm all the things you need to do for this event and organize it all in a master list.

Lesson 3

Section It Out

Create sections in your planner to organize all the moving pieces and categories of your event.

Lesson 4

Pretty Planners Motivate You

A pretty planner keeps you motivated, so let's have some fun and doll up your planner.

Lesson 5

Setting Up Your Planner

Time to get everything into your planner so that you can start working on planning this event.

Lesson 6

Create a Calendar

Time to set some staggered deadlines so that you don't end up doing everything at the last minute.

Lesson 7

Review Your Progress Often

Reviewing helps keep you on track so that everything gets done on time and you stay sane.

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