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Discover my secret mixed media supply, plus a class overview in this lesson!

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Finding Inspiration From Your Supplies

Start building your mixed media cardmaking foundation with inks, watercolors, and pigment sticks.

Shape teaser
Shape It Up

Simple shapes, such as circles and triangles, get a mixed media makeover with gouache.

Gel teaser
A Gel Medium Technique You Can't Resist

Grab a watercolor piece, a stencil, gouache, and gel medium for a technique you can't resist.

Gesso teaser2
Just "Gesso-ing" Around

Gesso is a great way to add texture to your mixed media cards—come see why!

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Collage College

It's time for collage college! No worries, there are no tests!

Wrap teaser
Wrap It Up + Gift Sets

It's a wrap! See how to finish off your cards, mixed media style, and get them gift-ready.