Moving Mini Album
Moving mini album lesson 1 teaser
Building the Cover

Build the cover of your mini album from scratch!

Moving mini album lesson 2 teaser
Creating a Binding Mechanism

Learn how to create a binding system to attach the pages to the mini album.

Moving mini album lesson 3 teaser
Three Types Of Flaps

Discover how to create three different types of flaps and turn them into pages in your mini album.

Moving mini album lesson 4 teaser
Three Types of Pockets

Learn how to add pockets to the mini album pages and make them interesting and surprising!

Moving mini album lesson 5 teaser
Three Types of Inserts

Discover how to add more space for photos and journaling with interactive inserts!

Moving mini album lesson 6 teaser
Cover and Pages Embellishing

Learn how to embellish the entire mini album including the cover, pages, and inserts.

Lesson 7 teaser
Adding Photos

Now that your mini album is ready, learn how to add photos and journaling!