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Great class. I have made the neatest little mini with all the techniques taught here. This was so much fun. It just took me away and was so relaxing. Love my mini and can't wait to make another. Great instructor!!
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@LouiseMurr Corryton, TN
Just adored the gorgeous mini album in the class videos. Jen's instruction is so clear and love the assortment of colours and textures she demonstrates. Can't wait to make my own album now :)
@skyezak Melbourne, Victoria Australia
I just love this class! I love the style that is teached and the way my album turned out!
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@Annemieke73 Dedemsvaart, Overijssel Netherlands
This was a great class. I felt like I could do a project like this and not be intimated by everything not being perfect. I love how the instructor talked about just just adding your own little touches to the pages and when listening to her I didn't feel like I had to be an artist to do this. Great class !
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@beckyy77 United States
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