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There are a lot of good ideas in this class
@macs997 Raleigh, NC
This class is very good, divides in topics e explained well. me open news horizons because i'm obvious in journaling... congrats!
@dri07 Piracicaba, São Paulo Brazil
Some good ideas. The content was easy to follow, and the photos and examples helped by providing finished product of ideas. Definitely some good take-aways to use in my scrapbook journaling.
This was a great class that provided many fun and interesting ideas about different ways to tell your story. It was great to have so many lessons and to see wonderful examples of how to make each idea work and come alive in your pages. I have many thoughts buzzing in my head and I'm eager to put them to good use.
@packmom West Sacramento, CA
Good, specific tips for revising one's own journaling, not just a random list of prompts that may or may not be applicable. Nice job!
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@sarahgustea United States
Very creative I tend to write very short facts. I can't wait to try some of these journaling techniques! Fantastic!
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@TRena Chandler, TX
Although concepts and ideas presented were not exactly new material (they've been covered in classes many times before), they served as great reminders and provided inspiration. Loved Lisa's sample pages and stories.
@PaleoGal Flagstaff, AZ
Most of my scrapbook pages feature journalling and I think it is very important to tell what the story is saying. Dates and places are important as well
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@Ladyrider Budd Lake, NJ
Great, simple ideas for improving journaling! Thankyou :-)
I am enjoying this class as I write about a 111 day trip to the NW in a motor home.
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Excellent! Fantastic concrete examples, exactly what I was looking for. Would love to see more Journalling classes here at BPC.
Love this class! Full of clever journaling ideas and examples! So inspiring!
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@carladetaboada Lima, Peru
Even after a year or more this class still gives me reminders on how to change up my journaling on my layouts to be more interesting and reveal more feelings. My only complaint is that we don't have an easy way to download a PDF file to keep for inspiration. I really miss printable instructions for the classes here.
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@Ravenwood1950 Griffin , GA
I have been continuously bored with my journaling, but your class has sincerely helped with giving me ideas to think and create outside of the box. Love that you included that it doesn't all have to be matter of fact! Thank you! :)
Good ideas!
I liked that this class had 9 distinct lessons. The ideas were explained well and the photos were gorgeous and clearly illustrative of the examples. I gained a number of new ideas for how to add some creativity, interest, and fun to my journaling. Great class!
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@jenniferd United States