Img 6669
Personalize Your Card with a Name

Add a personal touch to your next card with an inlaid name! Your recipient is sure to love it!

Img 6690
Personalize Your Card with a Number

This technique is perfect for birthday wishes or to celebrate an anniversary!

Img 6491
Word Dies on Simple Stamped Backgrounds

Discover how to use a word die and a simple stamped background to create a stunning card!

Img 6585
Using Word Dies on More Complicated Backgrounds

Let's take it up a notch and use word dies on more complicated backgrounds for one-of-a-kind cards!

Img 7159
Using Frames to Enhance Your Card Design

Learn how to use inlaid die-cutting to create frames that will take your cards to the next level!

Img 7169
Using Shapes to Enhance Your Card Design

Inlaid die-cut shapes are sure to add that "wow" factor to your next card!