Find Your Family

If your photos are a mess, you're in luck! Let's get started with photo organization.

Photo stack
Where Do You Think They Are?

It's time to start our search for your family in all those photos. I'll show you how!

Home base
Host a Family Reunion!

Get your photos into one place!

Set Up Camp

It's time to bring it all into Organizer. Find out how in this lesson.

Import phone
New Additions to the Family

Learn how to import your photos from your phone or camera.

Nice to Meet you!

It's time to find your family with the help of face recognition.

Location, Location, Location

See your photos on the map.

Photo collage 800
Found, Framed, & Fantastic!

Get your best photos into your life!

Year in review
Year-in-Review in 10 Minutes

Do you have holes in your albums? Never fear, Organizer is here!

Going home
So Long, Farewell

Our time together is over. Let's not forget to bring our memories with us.