Primary Colors & Impasto

Discover how primary colors evoke very basic emotions and how you can use them to create a layout.

Lesson 2. complimentary colors 19nobanner

Complementary Colors & Stamping Into Acrylic Paint

Create with complementary colors and create layouts that pop!

Lesson 3. warm colors 12nobanner

Warm Colors & Brushstrokes

Create a layout with vivid and energetic warm colors and learn a technique for visible brushstrokes.

Lesson 4 cool colors 12nobanner

Cool Colors & Text Techniques

Let the soothing, calm, and tranquil qualities of cool colors go to work on your next layout.

Lesson 5. achromatic colors 13nobanner

Achromatic Colors & Stencils

Create a tone-on-tone project using an achromatic color scheme and stencils.

Lesson 6. tints and shades 5nobanner

Tints & Shades & Glaze Medium

Add black and white to create shades and tints for a fun effect on your layout.

Lesson 7. color harmony 13nobanner

Color Harmony & Glazing

Create a harmonious page with color harmony and glazing!

Lesson 8. rainbow of color 9nobanner

Rainbow of Color

Let's combine a rainbow of color for a happy and fun page!

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