Lesson 1 image 1

Irit introduces you to the main concepts and key elements in clean, mixed-media scrapbooking.

Lesson 2  image 3
Gesso, Gel Medium, & Modeling Paste

Learn about some of the most common mixed-media supplies, and use them to create a layout.

Lesson 3 image 7
Rule of Thirds

See how the rule of thirds applies to mixed media design.

Lesson 4 image 4
Ink & Watercolor

Create a fresh, whimsical look by combining watercolor paints with black inks.

Lesson 5 image 2
Creating Embellishments

Use watercolor and modeling pastes to add color and texture to your layouts.

Lesson 6 image 3
Acrylic Paint & Inks

Make your own embellishments using acrylic paint and stamp inks.