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Little Me

Document who you were as a little child and what experiences awaited you later in life.

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Create a layout about one of your favorite family memories.

Img 7448


Record the most memorable moments from your school years.

Img 9026


Dig into those old photos to find one that captures one of your favorite family traditions.

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Childhood Toys

Make a list of the toys you loved most when you were a kid, and document them on a scrapbook page.

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Where I Grew Up

Document the places you grew up and what they were like.

Img 7458

Childhood Fears

Put together a layout that tells the story of a childhood fear.

Img 9174


Record your memories of the good times spent outside of school.

Img 7460


Think back to the kind of kid you were, and document the silliest childhood mistake you made.

Img 7467


Scrapbook your fashion sense when you were younger, and record your thoughts about it then and now.

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