10 Stamping Techniques

Stamps are one of the most versatile supplies in any crafter's stash. Perfect for any project and customizable with a variety of ink colors, stamping is an essential skill to have in your crafty toolbox! The BPC teachers have compiled ten awesome classes bursting with their favorite stamping techniques for you to try out! Add inspiration and motivation to your planner in Planner Stamping with Zinia Amoiridou. Get the most out of your stamps by using them for multiple purposes with Lisa Spanger in Double Take. And get tons of ideas and tips for incorporating stamps on your scrapbook pages in Stamps in Your Scrapbook with Diane Payne. In addition, stretch your creativity with ideas for stamping on unique surfaces, working with digital stamps, and even using stamps as embroidery patterns! There's so much you can do with stamps. Dive into these ten classes and get started today! 

Add stamps to your planner. 

Planner Stamping, Zinia Amoirdou

In this class, we'll explore different ideas and techniques for stamping in your planner. We'll start with some basic information about stamping in general. Then we'll dive into using stamps in our daily planning routine, as well as making all sorts of customized embellishments and accessories for our planner. Planner stamping is a topic very dear to my heart. When I first got into the planner and crafting world, my very first design team position was with Studio L2E, a planner stamps manufacturer (actually one of the leading companies in the industry), and since then, I've been an avid stamper in my planner. So I decided it was about time to share all the tricks and tips I acquired throughout these years of planner stamping with you.

Stretch your supplies by using stamps for multiple occasions. 

Double Take, Lisa Spangler

This is the third class in my year-long birthday series where I show you how to get MORE from your stamps and supplies by repurposing them in different ways. I'm going all out in this class and sharing TWO takes on each card—one for birthdays and one for the holidays!

Go digital. 

Creating with Digital Stamps, Diana Sanchez

There are many reasons why I love using digital stamps—the first being creativity. I feel like I get to be a little more creative by altering my pictures or making my own inserts with digital stamping. Other reasons include them being more cost-effective. Digital stamps are great if you’re on a budget; you get to use them over and over again. And by purchasing them, you’re helping out a scrappy business owner!

Carve your own one-of-a-kind stamps. 

Stamp Carving, Rut Bermell

Carving a stamp is easier than it seems. In this class, you'll learn the basics to carving your own stamps for any occasion. We will travel through the seasons and learn how to carve different designs that you can use in all your projects. If you want to make your own designs, this class is for you! From beginning to end, you will learn how to use the carving tool to create your first masterpieces. The designs included in this class are easy and intended for beginners. At the end of the class, you will have all the knowledge to create your own stamps and experiment with your creativity.

Take your stamps off the page. 

Stamping on Unique Surfaces, Kimberly Crawford

My mother-in-law jokes that, if my cat stayed still long enough, I'd stamp him! As I have a huge collection of stamps, I'm always looking for ways to use them on projects other than cards and layouts. When I walk into a craft store, I see so many amazing surfaces that could be transformed with beautiful stamped images. In this class, I'll show you how to stamp on several different surfaces and how to stamp directly onto three-dimensional objects. Those objects can become beautiful pieces of home decor or heartfelt gifts. With the right ink and the right way to prepare those surfaces, you'll be stamping everything too!

Get more out of your stamps. 

Stamps in Your Scrapbook, Diane Payne

I've been stamping for many years and enjoy creating custom cards for friends and family, but I feel stamping on layouts is often overlooked. In this class, I'm going to share several ideas for getting more from your stamp sets.

Turn your favorite stamp designs into embroidered accents. 

Embroidered Stamps, Laura Wonsik

In this class, we will cover ideas on how to use both physical stamps, as well as digital stamps, to create patterns for embroidery.  In addition, we will cover how to do basic embroidery stitches that can be used to complete most patterns. Embroidery is a deceptively simple craft, and it's a great way to add unique embellishment and details to a variety of projects.

Create works of art with layering. 

Layered Stamping, Yana Smakula

Stamp layering is a new concept in stamping that allows you to create beautiful multicolored images with the help of stamps and inks only. If you struggle with coloring outline images and adding shading and highlights, then stamp layering is perfect for you. It will let you create gorgeous multicolored images by simply stamping individual layers on top of one another using various ink colors. No need to color anything, and no need to stress about shadows and highlights. Simply stamp and enjoy! 

Let a simple stamp shine. 

Like, April Foster

I love to use tags on my projects, and this layout is no exception—I even created tags from my photos! I customized two of the tags using different washi tape techniques combined with stamping.

Use your stamps to create in your art journal. 

5 Easy Art Ideas for Traveler's Notebooks, Leigh Odynski

By using water-based dye ink markers, you can achieve an artsy look easily. Shadow stamps work best for this technique, so look for stamps with a filled-in image. You can also use a water-reactive marker like a Distress Marker. Choose a variety of light to dark shades of one color. You can select three different types of stamps to complete this layout. Shadow stamps, word stamps like the ones from Kellie Stamps, and a small repeating pattern will work well.

Are you ready to get your stamps inky? Get started today in these ten fun classes! Remember, as a member of Big Picture Classes, you get access to our entire library of classes. Sign up now and start exploring!

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