10 Floral Ideas to Make Your Crafts Bloom this Spring

Create your very own garden of gorgeous, crafted florals! The teachers at BPC have compiled ten flower-inspired projects that will have you ready to welcome spring into your craft room. Create a stunning floral wreath layout with Anna Komenda in Flower Power. Add florals to your home decor with Paige Evans in Spring Decor. And make your own floral embellishments with Kathleen Graumüller in Use Your Scraps. Try out each floral project below and let your creativity bloom! 

Create a floral wreath on your next layout. 

Flower Power, Anna Komenda

We will travel to the endless meadow filled with wildflowers, bees, and butterflies. I will teach you how to sketch wildflowers and paint them using water-soluble media. We will not paint actual flowers with all the botanical details, but we will use real flowers as an inspiration for basic shapes and colors. Each flower has a few stages of growth and can be seen from different perspectives. We will try to capture this in our drawings. It won't be a fast page, but I promise it will be worth of all the effort.

Make a floral ampersand wreath for your door. 

Spring Decor, Paige Evans

This was such a fun project to create. Once in a while, it’s fun to change pace from scrapbooking to create projects to liven up our home. This floral ampersand now sits prominently on the wall in our dining room so I can see it at all times.

Add touches of the season with your embellishments. 

Product Playground, Jennifer Gallacher

Let the products do the work for you. These gorgeous layered flowers are from Pebbles, Inc. Don't have these same flowers in your stash? Look for other paper flowers you do own that would give your page this dimensional feeling.

Add flowers to your altered book journal. 

Altered Book Flower Fun, Cindy Gilstrap

Art journaling is one of my passions. It's a place to let go and just play. It's a place to explore new techniques, art supplies, and ideas. It's a place to dump all the stress of the day and just let go. It's a place to express yourself. It can be shared or kept private. It's a place where YOU make the rules. Yes! And in my case... there are no rules. 

Flowers are such a great subject to play with in your art journals. They can be realistic or imaginary. I like the imaginary, quirky ones.

Use dies to assemble your own unique flowers. 

Use Your Scraps, Kathleen Graumüller

We'll create a real eye-catcher of a layout using our die-cutting machine and some paper scraps. I absolutely love my manual die-cutting machine, definitely even more than my electronic one (the Silhouette Portrait), so I'm always looking for new ways to use all of my favorite dies. And because you can place your dies exactly as you want them on your papers, they are perfect for using up scraps! For my layout, I've taken out my Spellbinders Platinum 6 die-cutting machine, one of the sets of scraps I've put together in the first lesson, a photo that fits the colors of my papers, and the Textured Flowers die set from the Spellbinders "Timeless Heart" collection.

Let your creativity bloom with unique, hand-drawn florals!

Hand-Drawn Floral Illustrations, Smitha Katti

This class is all about drawing and coloring flowers using different media and creating a unique floral illustration of your own. You can draw these flowers anywhere: in your sketchbook, on a handmade card, onto a scrapbook layout, or into your journal. There are so many possibilities.

Send a bouquet of flowers through the mail with handmade floral cards.

Floral Fantasy, Heather Doolittle

In this class, we'll be using scissors to cut out some of those beautiful flowers in patterned papers and learn how to "prune" our flowers. We will also be discovering new ways to use patterned paper as-is as well as how to use stamping, die-cutting, and painting to add interest to our cards. If you love flowers as much as I do, I hope you'll join me in learning some new ways to utilize floral designs of all kinds in your cardmaking!

Combine watercolor, a cut file, and florals for a stunning look.

Cut by Cut, Terhi Koskinen

Watercolors are very trendy right now, and I don't have to wonder why. Watercolors are so versatile; you can use them anywhere thanks to watercolor brushes, on almost any surfaces, and you can find them in various price categories. There are ones with sheen and ones with a matte result, and millions of colors to choose from. I don't feel very talented when it comes to painting freehand with watercolors and I'd like to become much better. This gave me an idea of controlled painting and I picked up the watercolor pencils I had in my drawer and started to paint with them.

Hone your photography skills with floral subjects. 

Fundamentals of Exposure for Beginners, Kelly Ishmael

The rose bush in my backyard is experiencing a bit of a second wind this month and it's covered in these delightful, pale pink roses—definitely something to capture! It was around 5:00 p.m. when I went outside to take this photo, and this particular bloom was in dappled, light shade. First, I set my ISO to 200. In order to isolate the rose and blur the background, I then set my aperture to f/4.5. Finally, as my best guess, I set my shutter speed to 1/100. Looking at my rose through the viewfinder and pressing the shutter button halfway, I noticed that my exposure level read +2 1/3. My shot was overexposed (there was too much light), so I increased my shutter speed to 1/250, which decreased the amount of time that sensor was exposed to the light. This adjustment brought the exposure level back to zero and made for a proper exposure.

Explore the trend of bold florals in your paper crafting. 

On Trend, Taheera Atchia

It's actually pretty easy to see why this trend is so hot right now. It makes such a statement about personality, flamboyance, and fearlessness that I'm sure many of us would like to emulate! A large splash of bold, bright, colorful blooms is an instant mood enhancer, and I certainly feel uplifted after seeing all the examples that are rife in couture, décor, and even in the newest paper lines from some of the companies showcasing at Creativation this year. And stamp companies are getting in on the act, too; there've been quite a number of bigger, bolder floral sets released in the last year or so, and they've certainly proved popular—particularly the sets with layering options!

Let your creativity bloom with these fun, floral ideas! Remember, as a member of Big Picture Classes, you get access to our entire library of classes. Sign up now and start exploring!

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