Have Fun with New Classes

Get creative in two new classes starting today at Big Picture Classes! Learn how to simplify your layouts to let your story truly shine with Magdalena Hanéll in Simple Scrapbooking. Then learn how to create a beautiful, textured embroidery piece with Katy Bielefeld in Creative Contemporary Stitching. Dive into a classroom and get crafty today! 

Simple Scrapbooking 

Let your story take the spotlight with the help of clean and simple scrapbook designs! In Simple Scrapbooking, Magdalena Hanéll challenges you to strip down your process, incorporate a minimal amount of products, and focus on the meaning of your layouts—while still achieving projects that feel complete and cohesive. Discover designs such as grid, centerpiece, two-pager, and more! Then, get Magdalena's tips and tricks for creating variations on these designs to truly make them your own. Add these designs in your crafty toolbox and you'll be sure to return to them over and over again!

Scrap with Magdalena!

Creative Contemporary Stitching

Think hand embroidery isn't for you? Think again! In Creative Contemporary Stitching, Katy Bielefeld shares her "freestyle" way of creating beautifully textured and colorful scenes with a needle and thread. Start by gathering your materials and practicing easy and simple stitches you can use on any project. Then follow along as Katy guides you through her relaxed, intuitive style of textile art to create a floral embroidery masterpiece you'll love to showcase on your wall or give to a loved one. Whether you're a beginner or advanced, you'll love the therapeutic and creative outlet this fun style of embroidery can bring to your life.

Stitch with Katy!

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