10 Projects for a Rainy Day

April showers bring...lots of time for crafting! The next time you're stuck inside on a rainy day, try out one of these fun projects from our BPC teachers. From putting a dent in your stash with Heba Alsibai in Scrap Your Scraps to getting caught up on your pocket page album with Candace Perkins in Digging Deeper | Adding Meaningful Journaling to getting inspiration to Plan Your Summer with Cara Vincens, you'll have plenty of craft ideas and inspiration to keep you busy during these rainy spring days. Check out each project below!

Put a Dent in Your Stash

Create a kit to bust your supply stash.

Kit Building and Stash Busting, Natalie Elphinstone

I'm a HUGE believer in kit subscriptions—it keeps fresh supplies coming through the door every month, and it takes away all the hard choices when it comes to coordinating supplies. But no matter what I do, I find it hard to completely kill a kit, so I put aside what's left over and move on when the next kit comes. Pretty soon, I realize I've built up quite the stash of half-used (as well as untouched) sheets of paper and packets of embellishments. But I'm a little tired of seeing them alongside each other with the kit contents they came in. I want to use them in fresh and exciting new combinations so my projects don't all look the same! And that's where the concept of this class came from.

Once you've finished this class, get even more inspiration in Kit Building and Stash Busting 2 and Kit Building and Stash Busting 3!

Use your scraps in a Traveler's Notebook.

Scrap Your Scraps, Heba Alsibai

If you're like me and have been scrapbooking and memory keeping for a long time, you probably have a lot of scraps and supplies that keep piling up and never get used. I'm a firm believer that scrapbooking is about using your scraps and your products—old and new. In this class, I'm going to help you use those products that you've neglected throughout the years. We'll create a Traveler's Notebook using our scrap paper. We'll also dig deep into our containers, drawers, and pouches to create beautiful layouts in our handmade Traveler's Notebook. Let's scrap our scraps—no new products needed!

Once you've made a dent in your scraps, get organized!

Craft Rooh Rehab, Carson Riutta

I understand how easily supplies can overtake our spaces and overwhelm our sensitive creative selves. I've been experimenting with taming my craft supplies for some time now, and creating a calm and workable space in a number of different sized rooms/corners/cabinets.  In this class, you will learn to tame your overwhelming piles of supplies, organize the supplies you plan to keep and use, and set some goals for keeping your space calm and inviting.  My hope is that you will never use a messy craft space as an excuse again.

Take the whole Craft Room Rehab series

Make a Mini

Document your adventures.

Adventure Mini, Lisa Truesdell

I am a maker at heart and have been scrapbooking since 2004. I seem to go through phases with where my focus is with scrapping—sometimes it's layouts, sometimes it's pocket pages, but right now I'm a little obsessed with mini albums of any sort. I find that they give me a more space to tell the stories that are too big for a layout or two, and as my boys get older, that has become more and more important to me. I also love that they're easy to work on in little blocks of time. I can steal a quiet moment in my schedule to put together a page or add a little journaling. On top of all that, they're just fun to flip through.

Record your memories in a mini.

Mini Made Easy, Ashley Horton

I love the versatility of scrapbooking and memory keeping, and in this class, we’ll create a fun mini album. I don’t always include every photo from a trip, event, or special occasion on my layouts, so mini albums are a great way to get more of your photos documented. Mini albums are really fun and easy to put together, and there are so many options to fit your personal style!

Get Caught Up on Your Pocket Page Album

Add meaningful journaling.

Digging Deeper | Adding Meaningful Journaling, Candace Perkins

If you clicked on this class, it means you're interested in telling more of your and your family's stories. It means you want to investigate how to reach a little deeper and tell more of the stories that are tapping on your heart. This is my passion and my goal as I create. When I create, I don’t only want to make beautiful spreads, I want to document and express the facts and the feelings of my life. I want the photos and products to be supported by a strong foundation of words.

Get inspired with a new perspective.

Fresh Perspectives for Pocket Pages, Laura Wonsik

Photos of kids smiling at the camera in front of Niagara Falls or posed on the first day of school are great. They have value, and I don't knock 'em. But what about the way my dad looks at his only granddaughter? My mom's handwriting? My best friend's creative endeavors? Those are part of my story too. Those are the natural, organic, real things I see when I walk through my life. Those are the experiences I have on a day-to-day basis that don't always have to do with me. They aren't centered around my own goals, my own routines, or my own accomplishments. So, I want to celebrate and document them, because they complete the picture about what's happening in my world right now. In this class, we're going to talk about five ways to capture life from other points of view and incorporate those views into pocket-page scrapbooking.

Want even more pocket page inspiration? 

Pocket Prompts series

Ready to learn more techniques, tips, and project ideas for your pocket-based, memory-keeping projects? In each installment, we'll bring you a new Pocket Prompts class from an inspiring pocket-page maker. Each teacher will share five photo prompts and five journaling prompts, as well as a look into her process of putting a page together from start to finish. It's sure to be a great time!

Take on a Scrap Challenge

Mix things up with a challenge.

Design Recipes, Kelly Noel 

Since I've been working with kits for so long, I often find it harder to scrap for myself without a starting point or inspiration to work from. One of my favorite creative tricks is to create a sort of design challenge for myself when I don't know where to start. That's where the idea for Design Recipes came about!

Use a sketch as your guide.

Start with a Sketch, Jen Chapin

Sketches are a great place to start if you’re feeling low on inspiration but want to scrap. I keep sketch ideas everywhere—in a folder on my desk, in my planner, and even on my iPad. I find that, if I need a place to start, a sketch is usually where it’s at for me!

Get even more sketch inspiration in Start with a Sketch | 02 and Start with a Sketch | 03

Plan Out Your Summer

Make the most of your summer by planning it out.

Plan Your Summer, Cara Vincens

Are you excited for summer? I'm excited for you to have a fantastic summer—the most fantastic summer you've had yet! I'm Cara, planner girl extraordinaire, and I'm here to help you plan your summer. Don't worry, we'll still make it relaxing and fun. But the added bit of structure will help make sure it happens the way you want it to.

Document your memories in a planner.

Memory Planner | Capturing Life Everyday, Jamie Pate

I am a very busy mom of five kids, one grown and gone now. These guys keep me super busy. I volunteer, have friends I connect with, am involved with my church…oh, and I have a husband that likes some of my attention, too! All these aspects of my life could easily get lost because of the busyness of everyday life. I can sometimes go days and wonder, what am I doing and did I remember to do it? My memory planner has become an extension of my heart and mind—a place to rest the little things that come up in my day. I try hard to spend time in this planner daily, but if I miss a few, that's OK too. It gives me a chance to review and time to write it down. My memory planner is a spot to keep all this, in one place, to be available to me for years to come.

Want even more planner inspiration?

Plan It Out series

Staying organized is key to managing life’s busyness. That’s where planners come in! In each installment, this class series offers a new and inspiring teacher who will share how they use planners to keep track of their everyday. Each teacher will show how she customizes her planner pages for work, events, hobbies, and more. You’ll learn how to incorporate fun supplies and other useful elements into your planner so that you’ll never miss a to-do again.

Don't let the next rainy day get you down! With all the classes at BPC, you have tons of crafty projects and inspiration to explore from the comfort of your craft space. Remember, as a member of Big Picture Classes, you get access to our entire library of classes. Sign up now and start exploring!

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