10 Ways to Make a BIG Impact on Your Next Project

Make a BIG impact on your next crafty project! The teachers at Big Picture Classes are sharing their best design ideas and techniques to create pages that wow! Go bold with a full-size photo with Neela Nalam in Big Impact. Create a layout with a huge title with Paige Evans in Paige's Pages | 12. And feature a large cut file with Kim Jeffress in Intentional Scrapbooking. Try all ten ideas to make a statement on your next project—you'll love the results! 

Use a full-size photo for a big impact.

Big Impact, Neela Nalam

I stop in my tracks when I see a layout with a single large photo as I love the impact that it makes. Because I love layouts like these so much, over the past few years, I've learned from anywhere and everywhere and practiced techniques to create these impactful layouts. I also realized that it wasn't just me who liked layouts like this because a lot of others were liking my layouts as they had made an impact on them too.  So, I decided to share the tips, tricks, and designs I incorporate on my layouts using large photos with all of you through this class.

Feature a large title on your layout. 

Paige's Pages | 12, Paige Evans

I LOVE big titles! They are easy to make and you really can’t go wrong—I can pretty much guarantee your layout will turn out amazing!

Take your project to the next level with digital stamps. 

Creating with Digital Stamps, Diana Sanchez

There are many reasons why I love using digital stamps—the first being creativity. I feel like I get to be a little more creative by altering my pictures or making my own inserts with digital stamping. Other reasons include them being more cost-effective. Digital stamps are great if you’re on a budget; you get to use them over and over again. And by purchasing them, you’re helping out a scrappy business owner!

Make a statement with lots of small photos. 

Small Photos Make a Big Impact, Rebecca Keppel

Before I came up with the concept of this class, I was scrapbooking and noticed that a lot of my current layouts used small photos. Other crafters even commented saying they liked the way I used small photos, which permits me to add more photos on one layout. Not only are mini photos trendy, they're cheaper to print, use less paper, and allow even a mediocre photo (which, if blown up, wouldn't look so great) to shine. In this class, I'm going to show you several different ways to incorporate mini or contact photos into your layouts, cards, and Traveler's Notebooks.

Wow your viewer with a gorgeous Traveler's Notebook design. 

Traveler's Notebooks for Scrapbookers, Nathalie DeSousa

I've been in love with TNs for the past few years, and my style of documenting has been very much influenced by my scrapbook pages. In this class, I want to share a few snippets of my most-used ideas when it comes to documenting in Traveler's Notebooks. Most of them come from my love for scrapbooking and use patterned papers, stamps, mixed media, and lots of embellishments to retell the days of my life (not to sound like the soap opera!).

Go bold with color!

Creative Color, Meghann Andrew

In the book Understanding Color: An Introduction for Designers, Linda Holtzschue says, “The ability to work effectively with color is part of a designer’s core competence. It is artistic empowerment.” (Holtzschue, 2011). Whether you're a graphic, interior, or scrapbooking layout designer, this statement applies to you! Let’s learn how to use color to empower your creations and strengthen your page designs.

Tackle a big subject in a mini book. 

I Like Big (Mini) Books, Brandi Kincaid

In this class, I'll be focusing on one approach to this rather large subject, but there are so many ways you can make a book about reading that I know this won’t be my last mini on the subject. With any project though, especially those that have so many options, setting a plan at the beginning can make the process of putting it together feel more possible and more fun.

Feature a large cut file on your project. 

Intentional Scrapbooking, Kim Jeffress 

Shapes you can cut on your die-cut machine are infinite. Just remember to make it meaningful—let all the pieces of the puzzle on your page tell your story.

Let your photo be the star of the page. 

Make Your Photos Pop, Mandy Melville 

While playing with pretty patterned papers and embellishments is so much fun, we want to make sure that our photos don't get overpowered by everything else on the page. So in this class, you'll be learning some easy techniques that you can put to use so that your photos will always shine!

Add impact with texture. 

Stitch a Statement, Laureen Wagener 

This class will be all about stitching a statement, and we'll be talking about adding a bit of "WOW" to your pages with stitched accents. Stitching is one of my favorite techniques to use when it comes to creating eye-catching layouts.

Are you feeling inspired to make a BIG impact on your next project? Don't wait—start today! Remember, as a member of Big Picture Classes, you get access to our entire library of classes. Sign up now and start exploring!

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