Get Set for 2018 | Ten Projects to Usher in the New Year

The New Year is just around the corner. Get set for 2018 with projects for keeping your schedule organized, accomplishing your resolutions, making sure you capture more memories, and more! The teachers at Big Pictures Classes have compiled ten projects to get you motivated and inspired to start January 1st off on the right foot. Get healthier with Cathy Zielske in Move More, Eat Well Jumpstart. Get started on the right track with your pocket-based documenting with Barbara Picinich in Start the Year Right. And organize your craft space one supply at a time with Carson Riutta in Craft Room Rehab. Try all ten classes and you'll be ready to tackle 2018 with confidence! 

Set yourself up for success to accomplish your New Year's resolutions. 

Move More, Eat Well Jumpstart, Cathy Zielske

Any time is the perfect time to commit to a healthier lifestyle. But why go it alone when the motivational and personable Cathy Zielske is here to pump you up? (You're welcome for the vintage Saturday Night Live reference.) Over the course of 31 days, Cathy will pose questions and challenges designed to connect you to what is needed most in your personal process of self-care. No, you won't end the month model-thin or marathon-ready. But through crafty goodness, inspiration from Cathy, and an album to help you track your progress, you will jumpstart your commitment to moving more and eating well.

Get started on the right track with your pocket-page documenting.

Start the Year Right, Barbara Picinich

My number one goal with this class is to relieve you of any pressure you might feel about embarking on your pocket page album for the coming year. I’m here to help set you up for success and give you the tools you need to be organized and stay on track. Everyone works at a different pace, and I want you to know that no matter what your pace is and no matter how you choose to document your life in your pocket page album, there is no wrong way to do it. Because, after all, it’s about the memories and getting the photos printed and telling those stories. It should never be about feeling bad about not doing it the "right" way. Instead, I want you to enjoy this process and have a great time doing it. The best part about this community of scrapbookers is the camaraderie that we have, so let’s keep that spirit alive and motivate each other to get these memories documented. It’s going to be so much fun when you reach the end of the year and get to look back on all of the memories you've documented.

Organize your craft space—one supply at a time. 

Craft Room Rehab series, Carson Riutta

I understand how easily supplies can overtake our spaces and overwhelm our sensitive creative selves. I've been experimenting with taming my craft supplies for some time now and creating a calm and workable space in a number of different sized rooms/corners/cabinets.  In this class, you will learn to tame your overwhelming piles of supplies, organize the supplies you plan to keep and use, and set some goals for keeping your space calm and inviting.  My hope is that you will never use a messy craft space as an excuse again.

Share your planner love with friends. 

The Gift of Organization, Cara Vincens

We are going to have so much fun making planner gifts for some lucky people. Here is a list of ideas to get you started. This is only a jumping off point, as the sky is the limit here, and you can gift a planner for just about any purpose: teen's school planner, pregnancy journal and memory keeper, baby's first year, gratitude journal, a Project Life® type scrapbook album, wedding planner, vacation planner and memory keeper, regular planner, Christmas planner, spiritual journal or prayer journal,  recipe and meal planner, move or renovations planner.

Create more with an inspiring workspace.

Workspace, Marcy Penner

It’s my hope that, by the end of this class, you’ll have a space that functions well for you, enables your creativity to flow, and is easy to maintain. Crafting time is limited (and precious!), and I want you to be able to make the most of the time you have, without searching for supplies and wondering where to even begin. We’ll follow checklists, and I’ll share my own filled-out lists as we work through this process together.

Organize your organization tools. 

DIY Planner Supplies Organization, Carla De Taboada

I love planners and finding creative ways to stretch my supplies to create fun, interactive elements for my planners. In this class, I'm going to share some fun DIY ways to store your planner supplies. I’ll guide you through a total of five projects that you’ll be able to recreate at your own pace and in your own unique style.

Learn how to avoid procrastination and make better use of your scrapbooking time. 

Time Management, Jennifer Wilson

Have you ever wondered, “Where did the time go?” Years, months, even hours on a single day can pass by in a blur, leaving us searching for a magical “pause” button. With the pace of the modern world, memories are always being made, and it becomes all the more important to use your limited time well. As an educator and coach for memory-keepers, it is my goal to help you enjoy your creative hobby more. I want you to find time to create by focusing on what matters most. In this course, I’ll introduce you to the fundamental principles of time management for memory-keepers.

Merge functional and decorate planning to get more done this year. 

Functional Planning with Style, Jennie McGarvey

In this class, we'll talk about how to get all the things done that are on your lists while inspiring your creativity. I'm a paper crafter and have been for as long as I can remember. However, I've been actively scrapbooking for about 15 years. A couple of years ago, I began to be interested in planners and have been planning in this way for two years. I stamp, and I sticker. I let color guide the way. I write things down and dabble with other mediums. I gather inspiration from everywhere and am so excited to share all of this with you!

Create an album with a year’s worth of memories inside.

Year-in-Review Mini, Allison Waken

This mini album is a review of an entire year. Yes, a year's worth of memories in one album. Obviously, not every photo you took will fit, so in this class, we'll go over how to choose photos, organize them, insert them into templates, and spruce up your album according to your style.

Tackle your resolutions by planning your dreams.

Plan Your Dreams, Cara Vincens

I feel that so many women, especially those with young children, tend to let their dreams die or at least sit on the back burner. Even after their children grow, they've often forgotten how to dream. I'd love to see everyone reach their potential and live their dreams. Anyone can do anything they set their heart and mind to; they just have to take it one step at a time. I'm here to teach you how to figure out what those steps are and how and when to take them. I'd love to help more women achieve their dreams by setting and achieving goals. Planners are great for scheduling your day, but you can also use them to make sure there's time set aside for achieving these goals. I've always loved goal-setting and listing out all the things I want to get done. I know not everyone is like that, so these lessons will help you do it your way.

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