Ten Ways to Use Your Scraps

Don't let a scrap go unused! If you have a drawer, pile, or bag of paper scraps collecting dust in your craft room, you're in the right place! The teachers at Big Picture Classes have put together ten creative, inspiring ways to use up your scraps. Make a sunburst design with strips in Paige's Pages | 04 with Paige Evans. Get inspiration from Zinia Amoiridou to create a quilt-inspired design in Collage Backgrounds. Create your own coordinating kit of leftovers and then use them up in Kit Building and Stash Busting with Natalie Elphinstone. Check out these projects and more and use up those scraps! 

Use leftover paper from past projects to create new and meaningful scrapbook layouts.

Bits & Pieces, Lisa Andrews

I hope to inspire you to have fun with your memory keeping while we put to use all those paper scraps you have laying around. We're going to explore several ways to stretch your scraps on your scrapbook pages. Every layout in this class will teach a new technique for incorporating paper scraps into your projects.

Mix patterned papers for a gorgeous crystal background layout.

Smash Your Stash | Paper, Aly Dosdall

To help you learn about effectively mixing patterns on a project, we’re going to create a layout with a crystal-style background. This geometric-based pattern has become super popular in surface design, fashion, and other creative arenas, and I thought it would be fun to incorporate it into a scrapbook page. Plus, it’s the perfect way to mix lots of different patterns together and use up lots of your paper stash at the same time!

Cut patterned paper into strips to create a dazzling sunburst-like design.

Paige's Pages | 04, Paige Evans

There are so many different ways to feature all those lovely patterns on one page. From using paper scraps to different techniques like punching, die cutting, rolling, and weaving, I’ll never tire of using as many patterned papers as I possibly can on my pages! For this lesson, cut patterned paper into wedges and use them to cover the entire left side of a layout. A bit of sewing attaches everything to the page, but if you don’t have a sewing machine or simply aren’t fond of sewing, you can easily use permanent adhesive instead of sewing or try hand stitching.

Create stunning collage backgrounds inspired by quilt designs.

Collage Backgrounds, Zinia Amoiridou

Creating stunning collage backgrounds is a great way to use up some of our patterned paper stash. So, get your favorite papers, a pair of scissors or your craft knife, and get ready for some amazing craft time.

For even more inspiration, be sure to check out Collage Backgrounds | 02

Get the benefits of a full-sized scrapbook inside a mini album.

Scrap Small, Nina Christensen

Put your scraps to use in a Traveler's Notebook. You can get all the satisfaction of full-sized scrapbooking without it taking up as much space. You can also conquer your mini album fear because this is one you can actually complete!

Using scraps makes putting together a quick layout easy. 

Techniques for Quick Layouts, Lisa Andrews

This design provides a great space for using up little bits and pieces that have been left over from other projects. Have some fun digging through your stash for little embellishments, but don't spend too much time looking for things. Just give yourself five minutes to gather, and then move forward to finish off the page. I've found that, if I set time limits for myself, it keeps the creative process moving along, and I don't spend more time than needed putting the page together.

Make a card with your scraps. 

Two In One, Rebecca Keppel 

Back in the day, I remember reading in a scrapbook magazine that it was a good idea to use the scraps from your layout to create a card while they were still out rather than put them away, or worse yet, throw them away! That's what this class is about—using up the materials, supplies, and ideas that you have out for your first project to also create a card. Think of the card stash you would have by now if you had been doing this for as long as you've been scrapbooking!

Build a kit with leftover scraps to bust your stash. 

Kit Building and Stash Busting, Natalie Elphinstone

In order to use up some of my stash, I thought I would make up my own kit using lots of older product that I still love, as well as a few newer products that I've barely touched yet. If I could take some time at the beginning to coordinate everything, I wouldn't have to think too hard about what to reach for when it came down to actually making projects. It would get me creating new-looking projects with old supplies and the idea that I would actually try to USE UP as much of it as possible! No holding back, no "saving for later," no stress about cutting into a whole sheet of paper. This is about kit building in order to stash bust!

Use your scrapbook supplies for cards. 

Cards for Scrapbookers, Patricia Roebuck

In this class, we'll focus on using our scrapbooking supplies and leftovers to make cards. Making cards with scrapbooking supplies is satisfying, because it puts those supplies to good use, provides a creative jumpstart, and exercises your creativity. The more you create, the better you become.

Use scraps to create home decor. 

Spring Decor, Paige Evans

A few simple die-cut shapes backed with a variety of materials (ribbon, patterned paper, washi tape, and cardstock) and placed in frames instantly adds some life and color into your home for spring. There are so many icons for the holidays, these frames and techniques could easily translate to any shape and occasion!

Are you feeling inspired to use up your scraps in new, inspiring ways? Grab your supplies and then come join the BPC teachers in the classroom to start incorporating these techniques into your projects today! Remember, as a member of Big Picture Classes, you get access to our entire library of classes. Sign up now and start exploring!

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