Prompt Your Creativity!

Explore your creativity with three brand new classes starting today at BPC! Take your card making game to the next level with mixed media in Card Artist with Kalyn Kepler. Learn the ins and outs of watercolors with Zinia Amoiridou in Watercolors 101. And then explore in-depth photo editing with Kelly Ishmael in Lightroom | Advanced Editing Techniques. Jump into a classroom and get started today!

Cart Artist

Unleash your inner artist! Amp up your card making with mixed media backgrounds, embellishments, and design. In Card Artist, Kalyn Kepler inspires you to get creative with your cards by incorporating colored pencils, markers, gouache and acrylic paint, watercolors, and more! Finish out the class with a one-of-a-kind technique you can use over and over again. Once you've mastered each art medium on your cards, you'll be equipped to apply your skills all your crafty projects!

Create a card with Kalyn!

Watercolors 101

Get ready to dip your toe—and your paintbrush—into the wonderful world of watercolors! If you're looking to add color, interest, or an artistic look to your crafting, start with the basics in Watercolor 101. In this class, Zinia Amoiridou shares an in-depth look at the different types of watercolor products on the market, how to mix colors to achieve the look you want, several different watercolor techniques, and more! Then, expand your crafty horizons and learn how to prime any surface so you can watercolor anywhere. With the skills learned in this class, your projects are about to get a lot more colorful!

Create something colorful with Zinia!

Lightroom | Advanced Editing Techniques

Let your photos tell the story! In this follow-up to Lightroom for Memory Keepers, Kelly Ishmael dives deeper into Adobe Lightroom, offering tips and tricks for utilizing the Develop module to create tone, mood, and emotion in your photos. Learn different post-processing techniques for creating a light and bright effect, dark and moody edit, vintage style, and more! Through this class, gain confidence in your editing skills while developing an editing style that's unique to you!

Edit your photos with Kelly!

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