Ten Travel Projects to Document Your Vacation

Summer is the season of road trips and family vacations! Document all your summer adventures with the teachers at Big Picture Classes. Prepare a mini book before your trip with Lauren Hooper in On-the-Go Mini so that all you have to do when you get home is fill in the memories. Learn the ins and outs of filling your Traveler's Notebook with all your travels with Marie Lottermoser in Traveler's Notebook Basics. And get tips on everything from what to pack to getting memorabilia recorded in Document the Magic | Photos & Keepsakes with Jenni Hufford. Check out all ten classes to get started recording your most loved summer trips! 

Get tips and tricks for documenting your Disney vacation.

Document the Magic | Photos & Keepsakes, Jenni Hufford

Walt Disney World® and other amusement parks are wonderful places to make treasured family memories. For Jenni, documenting the memories after she and her family get home from Walt Disney Workd® lets her relive the thrills again and again. In this class, Jenni will be sharing tips to help you easily document all the magical moments of your next vacation. Discover tips and tricks on everything from packing suitcases to must-snap photos, and then put it all into a special album to cherish for a lifetime.

Build a mini notebook before your trip.

On-the-Go Mini, Lauren Hooper

Wouldn’t it be great if vacation albums magically assembled themselves after a trip? Lauren Hooper shares the secret to making that magic happen! In this class, Lauren shares tips for documenting your adventure while still enjoying every minute. She’ll show you how to prepare an album before your trip even begins so that, when you get back, all that’s left to do is the fun stuff!

Learn how to prepare your Traveler's Notebook for documenting on the go. 

Traveler's Notebook Basics, Marie Lottermoser 

Traveler’s notebooks were designed for, well, traveling. But that doesn’t mean you have to be going on a trip across the globe to break yours out. Get in the habit of sticking your notebook in your bag every time you head out the door, even if it’s just to the grocery store. In the fourth lesson of this class, Marie shares ideas for taking your notebook with you on the go and how to create a portable supply kit.

Document your trips with simple techniques.

Keep It Simple 2.0, Stephanie Baxter 

With all the scrapbooking products and techniques out there, even creating vacation albums can be intimidating—especially when you already feel you don’t have much time for it. In this class, Stephanie Baxter proves that documenting travel doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. She demonstrates simple techniques that produce stylish results as she shares her own album process. In this class, Stephanie offers advice on how to put together a vacation album while keeping the process stress-free.

Take beautiful photos of your vacation to include in your memory keeping. 

Intentional Vacation Photography, Donna Meuli

Are you taking a trip for soon? Turn your vacation memories into the perfect story! In this class, Donna Meuli shares simple ways to record all of your favorite vacation memories. You’ll discover plenty of tips for intentionally capturing not just photos, but also the feelings behind them. By the end of class, you’ll end up with a unique keepsake that allows you to relive every special moment again and again.

Set yourself up for success with a travel mini. 

Document Trips & Travels, Laurin Kelsey

Do you love to travel—but have trouble figuring out how to document it? Laurin Kelsey is here to show how she sets herself up for documenting success before, during, and after a trip. Laurin shares tips and tricks for taking photos, writing journaling, and collecting memorabilia on the go. You’ll then see how to put it all together to create a 6” x 8” album packed with all your favorite memories!

Record an adventure in your Traveler's Notebook.

A Traveler's Notebook | Adventure, Pepper Tan 

Take an adventure with Pepper! In Traveler's Notebook | Adventure, Pepper takes you through every step of her process as she creates a notebook documenting her travels. You'll learn tips and tricks for collecting and organizing ephemera and notes while you're off on an adventure, as well as advice on printing photos and gathering supplies once you get home. Once your memories and supplies are organized, it's time to create a custom notebook and explore creative ideas for additions to your pages. You'll finish with a notebook as one-of-a-kind as your adventure!

Balance memory-making with memory-keeping. 

Pocket Page Adventures, Jess Foster

Everyone loves going on vacation, but it can be stressful if you’re too busy trying to document it. In this class, Jess Forster teaches you how to balance memory-making with memory-keeping while on vacation. Through pre-vacation planning and on-the-road strategies, Jess shows that you can end up with a well-documented album and still enjoy every moment of your vacation.

Create a stunningly simple mini. 

Destination Mini, Kelly Purkey

Kelly Purkey has a passion for travel. In this class, she'll share that passion by showing how she records her adventures inside a 4" x 6" mini album! Kelly proves that every trip—whether big or small—is worth documenting and that creating an album doesn't have to be complicated. Her approach is simple: get those photos into an album, and have fun!

Apply your scrapbook skills to a Traveler's Notebook. 

A Traveler's Scrapbook, Theresa Doan

Want a quick and easy way to scrapbook while on your next trip or adventure? Join Theresa Doan as she reveals how she uses a Traveler’s Notebook as a portable scrapbook! Theresa shares simple ideas for documenting while on the go, and you’ll discover plenty of tips for adding memorabilia, putting together an on-the-go supply kit, printing photos, and more.

Are you ready to hit the road? Go on an adventure—make memories—and then come join the BPC teachers in the classroom to record your summer travel adventures! Remember, as a member of Big Picture Classes, you get access to our entire library of classes. Sign up now and start exploring!

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