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You won't want to miss these new classes coming to BPC this week! Pam Baldwin will be sharing an introduction into the world of digital scrapbooking with her first class in a three-part series on hybrid memory keeping–Hybrid Pocket Pages! Get inspiration for taking your photos past your scrapbook pages and onto the walls of your homes with Donya Gjerdingen in Living with Your Memories. Nadia Azni shares the many ways planners can be used for more than simply keeping your schedule in Beyond Planning.

Hybrid Pocket Pages

Have you wanted to try digital memory keeping, but don't know where to start? You won't want to miss Pam's new series on hybrid memory keeping, starting with the first class—Pocket Pages!  You'll learn basic skills for using and altering digital supplies, making your own products, and working with photos and templates. Open brand new doors in your crafting with these hybrid skills and techniques.

Get started with hybrid memory keeping with Pam!

Living with Your Memories

Memory keeping reaches beyond paper crafts and into your everyday when you record your life on the walls of your home. Join Donya as she shares loads of tips and tricks for decorating your home with your favorite photos. From large wall galleries to small photo displays, you'll learn the ins and outs of showcasing your memories for you and your guests to enjoy. 

Decorate your home with your favorite photos with Donya.

Beyond Planning

Unleash your creativity while still accomplishing your tasks in this new class that explores taking planners beyond planning. Nadia shares tons of inspiration for picking the right planner for you, customizing it to fit your style, and incorporating different techniques, such as bullet journaling and vision boards. After this class, you can check expanding your planner's potential off your to-do list! 

Join Nadia and start filling your planner!

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