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I'm totally off the grid this weekend, attending an extended family reunion, that I am in charge of. In other words, it's all I have been thinking about and doing for several weeks now. However, when I return home, I am switching gears and refocusing on an important personal project that has been in stall mode for too long: My studio. It all began back in April (I think) when I pulled everything out of my scrapbooking space and began a HUGE purge. I've now started the process of putting just those things that I really love, want and need back. But, knowing my procrastinating tendencies and my level of distractibility with undertakings of this magnitude, I'm going to need fresh motivation and that is precisely why I've chosen this class to write about today ...

Workspace by Marcy Penner

I've actually bookmarked Marcy's eight lessons, so that I can read them and take notes as we drive back home. I'm serious when I say I want to hit the ground running. 

Each lesson, represented by the photos above, is designed to build on the previous lesson and the whole process is super practical because Marcy makes it super personal.  You start by assessing your current space, but then before you jump to fixing perceived problems, you put your observations to the test by creating a project. You pay careful attention to what is working and what is not working, as you conceive, sketch, design and retrieve product. Then you turn to dreaming and inspiration. With a clearer vision you remove what's not needed, categorize what's left over and then look at storage options that will marry your needs and your dreams. The final step is to put a plan into place for maintaining the changes you make. 

I LOVE it. 
I'm READY to do it.
There is nothing quite like the feeling of a fresh start and with summer winding down, kids headed back to school and holiday crafting just around the corner, now is the time. 

Marcy can help and I'll be there for moral support!

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