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Today, I decided to do something a little different than I have in the past. I am picking three projects from the Rainbow classroom gallery. 
If you know me at all, then you'll know exactly why these pages make me want to don my colorful, mismatched socks and jump up and dance ...

A spectrum of happy, eye-popping color? Bring it on. 
I love this page by Emma, who is mum to Jack (pictured above.) Emma loves  coffee, reading, Pinterest, long drives, Sunday markets, singing loudly (out of tune), taking photos and being creative—not necessarily in that order. She used watercolors and a stencil to achieve the background design. Her exact words? "Heaps of fun!"

This colorful page is perhaps more controlled, but no less delightful. Personally, I adore the fact that the wheel of color is drawn from the sand toys and that Davean, who created it, chose papers and embellishments that are related to her beach theme. So lovely. 

This awesome project life spread, manages both multiple colors and photos. I say, "Bravo" to Di for such a feat. Di has placed her colors in rainbow order (Roy G. Biv) such that a strong visual flow is created, from red in the upper left to violet in the lower right. It absolutely works!

If you haven't looked into Jen Chapin's Rainbow class yet, you're missing out. She promises that you'll brighten up your albums, while playing with watercolors, pattern paper, stitching, stamps, die cuts and more. Plus, as you see here, you'll get ideas and inspiration for both traditional and Project Life scrapbooking. There are four lessons, two step-by-step videos and tons of stepped out photos. Come play with Jen or any of our other amazing teachers—a GREAT way to spend a summer evening. 

Here's to more sun-drenched color!

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  1. avatar Davean says…

    Thanks so much @stacyjulian! This was such a fun class from Jen - she pushed me to try something I would not have ever done and this turned out to be one of my favorite pages! I am really loving the new Big Picture format. :-)

    Love the other two pages you picked too!

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  2. avatar stacyjulian says…

    @Davean Thank YOU. I LOVE that you're willing to share your creations in the gallery!

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  3. avatar Davean says…

    @stacyjulian, just wish I could get better pictures of them! Have to have the perfect lighting, etc and then they still don't always look that great. But I'm trying to work on that! :-)

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  4. avatar stacyjulian says…

    Nah. Don't worry too much about all the technical stuff. It really doesn't matter in the end -- the photos, the matter -- and you doing something with them. Skill comes with time and practice. You're doing GREAT!

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