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The day you can start hanging your washing on the line to dry outdoors rather than covering every available radiator in the house with wet washing, is a momentous day. It also means spring has sprung.

It's been a while since I featured a photograph for my pick. This one caught my eye instantly. 

That blue. 
And, the composition (those strong, dynamic lines in the clothesline and fence). 
But most of all, it's the everydayness of this image that strikes at my heart. I don't even have or use a clothesline, but this photo makes me want to rush out and get one.

This photo was taken by Claire Jenkins, who by the way has only been a BPC subscriber for like ten days! Crazy right? We are so glad she found us! When I reached out to Claire I learned that she is pretty new to pocket pages and Project Life, but she absolutely loves this approach to telling family stories. She is starting with a pregnancy/baby album for her daughter, since she has plenty of pictures to choose from and plenty to say about those pictures! She started by purchasing a Project Life core kit with easy journaling prompt cards and she has loved it. She wasn't sure she could jump right into a weekly or monthly album, but she did like the idea of a project she could finish. Now that this album is underway, she is planning on moving forward with pockets! 

Claire is learning that for her, the key is to have all her photos in one place on her computer—sorted into albums by year and event. She uses Carousel (an iOS app by DropBox) to make sure that all of her phone photos are automatically uploaded and archived. Claire also loves the Pinterest and Instagram apps for the on-the-go inspiration they provide, especially for crafting and scrapbooking, and she has just recently discovered Day One, an app, that reminds you to create a journal entry every day. Once Claire begins a chronological pocket album, she'll surely refer back to her Day One entries for help in remembering the details. 

When something REALLY good happens, Claire calls either her partner, Russell or her Mum, or most-likely both, one right after the other!
We think it is a really good thing that Claire is a part of our community. Welcome Claire!

If you have yet to give pocket scrapbooking a try, or you're in need of some inspiration, check out the latest addition of Pocket Prompts with Catherine Saunders. It was a prompt by Catherine that inspired Claire to take this awesome photo!

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    Nice to meet you Claire! :) Hope you enjoy being part of BPC!

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