Got 15 minutes to spare?

We are all busy busy busy these days!!  Some days it seems like a full time job just to stay on top of homework, to-do lists, laundry and the like!  Scrapping usually gets easily pushed to the side, right?  But making time for creativity is so important and doesn't have to take long at all!  Today, Lilith Eeckels is here to share her quick scrapping tips with you!! 

I am a busy mom to 4 boys and a full time teacher. I love scrapbooking and creating but I often don't have a lot of time. Scrapbooking isn't only fun it is also a time when I relax and unwind from my extremely hectic days. Sometimes I just want to create and have the finished product in my hands at the end of it. I don't want to spend hours fretting over where I'll place an embellishment or trying creating to create an original and complicated design. I just want to have fun, preserve memories and see the end result. I have come up with a way to create layout in under 30 minutes. If I have time I'll do longer over a project but I can work quickly. I use several easy techniques which speed up the whole process.

The layout I created for today's post was made in 18 minutes (I timed it). The principal I used here was to use supplies that were lying on my desk. When I finish a layout I usually have a look around and often I'm inspired by the products that are leftover. I pop everything into a bag and add a couple of ideas in my notebook. When I have time I just pull out the bag and start creating.

These were the supplies lying around on my messy table.

If you want more ideas to speed up your scrapbooking, hop over to my class 30-Minute Layouts!

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