Creating Watercolored Backgrounds

I love sending handwritten notes through the mail. Such a simple gesture can really brighten someone’s day! In the first class in my Postmarked series, I share several techniques using watercolors to create a variety of handmade cards. Today I wanted to share another fun way to incorporate watercoloring on your projects.

For this tutorial, I’m using basic white cardstock. When I’m not using watercolor paper & I know that I’m going to be saturating the paper with a lot of paint, I like to coat my paper with gesso before I begin. This allows the watercolors to float over the surface of my paper instead of immediately soaking into the paper fibers. Apply the gesso with a brush and then allow the paper to completely dry.

Now comes the fun part! Apply watercolor paint to the middle of your cardstock. You’ll want to use a lot of water to give the paint movement on your paper.

Now add a second color to your cardstock and allow the colors to blend together. You can flick your paintbrush over your paper to create additional paint splatters. Allow the paint to dry & you’ve created a beautiful background to use as a card front!

I like to create several backgrounds at a time using various colors of paint to keep on hand for when I need to create a last minute card. Add a stamped sentiment and a few embellishments & adhere your card front onto a folded card base.

Don’t forget to dress up your envelope! You’ll learn how to make your own in class & they are a great way to tell your recipient that something special is inside.

I hope you give this watercoloring technique a try! For more cardmaking inspiration, please join me in Postmarked.

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  1. avatar CaribbeanGirl says…

    I love this!!! I never thought about using gesso when I'm out of watercolor paper!

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  2. avatar carab says…

    that is such a beautiful card. yay for simple and bold!

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  3. avatar gluestickgirl says…


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  4. avatar dptuffy says…

    Wow, this is gorgeous Julie!

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  5. avatar toribissell says…

    so stinkin pretty

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  6. avatar NancyM says…

    So beautifully vibrant.

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