Hi, Trina here. This is my first class with Big Picture Scrapbooking and I’m really excited to share it with you. This class is very personal to me. I’ve had a lot of people come and go from my life that have meant a lot to me, people who have changed my life, changed the way I thought, shown me new ideas; people who have had a real impact on who I am and who I’ve become. Some of them don’t even know it. Have you had people like this in your life? Perhaps someone who has been there your whole life, always supporting you, sharing ideas with you, or as often happens someone who has come into your life at a certain time for a certain reason. If so, then this class is for you. Let me tell you some more.

This class is being designed to celebrate the people in your life that have had an impact on yours. The ones that have been so influential they have changed the direction in which you have gone. For me, one of those people was a truck driver who hit me while I was out cycling one day. It wasn’t even his fault. Due to some other persons bad driving he swerved and hit me. My poor little bike couldn’t handle it. My head smashed on his windscreen, my body fell to the ground. I woke up in the hospital with a broken elbow, head injuries and minor internal injuries. It took me a little while to recover, but I did. And ever since I think back to that time and how he has given me the knowledge of knowing what it is like to not be here in a second. I now try to live each day like it’s my last. Yes, I was nearly killed that day, but in fact he gave me a gift of not taking things for granted and enabling me to really enjoy life to its fullest. I often wonder what my life would have been like if that hadn’t happened or if he had hit me differently. I’m sure that you have had people in your life that have had a similar impact, perhaps not literally, but who have helped lead your life in a different direction.

In this class we are going to be detectives in our own lives, exploring and finding those people who have come to mean a great deal to you and celebrating the influence they have had on your life. We are going to brainstorm. We are going to ask lots of questions and then we are going to narrow it down to your top five and create a very special mini album dedicated to them. We are also going to assure that there is the ability to add more people to this book for the future, and in case you can’t just choose five, because for me, scrapbooking is all about recording those moments, recording who we are and why, remembering and celebrating all of those who are part of us. Come and join me in a journey that may even change you in the way so many others already have.


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