Hi everybody! This is Karen Grunberg with Big Picture Scrapbooking. I'm so excited to tell you about my new Project Now class called "The Book of Why".

This book is something that's near and dear to my heart and it sits on my desk and I sneak a peek at it every time I'm feeling down or wondering why I'm doing what I'm doing.

The point of this book is to remember why you do the important things in the your life. For each of us, there are different reasons why we think we must work or why we are married to the person we are married to and why we have children and why we might scrapbook or why we spend time reading books or taking classes or anything else that you do. And sometimes at the end of the day when we are really tired or worn out, we tend to forget why we are doing the things we are doing. Why is it that I'm spending energy and time reading the story for the 48th time to my child? Why is it that I have to wake up every morning and go to this job? Why is it that this person who is driving me insane today is the person that I chose to marry? Each one of us has those days where we feel really worn out and we feel like we just can't take it anymore. We don't remember why we made the choices we made and why we're living the life we are living.

The point of this book is to take a moment and think of all the big areas of our lives, all the main things that we spend our time on, that we want to put our effort into, and then remember why we are doing them. Why did we start them to begin with? Why do I care about being a wife? Why do I want to be a mother? Why do I spend time scrapbooking? Why do I take photographs? These are all things that I spend a lot of time and energy doing in my day, and you know there are only a limited amount of minutes every single day, so if I'm spending energy doing these things, then I'm not spending energy doing something else. I think it's important for me to remember why I'm doing it, because that is actually the fuel I need to get me going through those rough days. It's the little thing that gives me the energy boost. It's the thing that reminds me why I picked that particular task or that particular person or that particular roll to begin with. I think it is important to have such a big reminder, not just on the rough days, but also on the good days to celebrate why I love being a mom and why my kids are the best things that have ever happened to me.

So in short, this project is just a way for us to remember why we did the things we are doing, not "what" we are doing and not "how" we are doing it, but "why" we are doing it? What's the core point behind it? What's the core purpose behind it?

I hope you will join me in this little journey of creating this wonderful little book together. It is something that I really, really cherish and something that I really enjoyed making and it gave me a new perspective so each time my son drives me just a little bit insane, I go and open my book and I remember why. Each time I have a little fight with my husband, I go and I look at my book and it makes me feel much better, and it makes me remember my whys.

I hope you will join me in making your little Book of Whys. I look forward to seeing you in the classroom. Have a wonderful day!



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