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Getting to Know May Flaum

About May
When it comes to crafting, May Flaum has one rule: it's gotta make her happy. She's not afraid to get super grungy or work with bright colors, dabble in lace and doilies then make something more splattered and wild. If she's not in her studio (aka 'the bat cave') then she's probably out running around having fun with her family or cooking up a storm. May has been working in the scrapbooking industry for a decade and currently blogs her crafty adventures, teaches online classes, and works with amazing companies sharing her projects and ideas. She just released a new eBook "Fashionably Fast" with Big Picture Classes that includes 20 layouts and three bonus video tutorials. If she has one piece of advice to share, it's always to be true to your creative heart.


A Favorite Quote
"Do or do not. There is no try."


May Answers the Five W's
Yeah, yeah, technically there are ten W's.

Who are you? I am a wife, mother, crafter, blogger, instructor, author, book-loving, tea-drinking, messy woman.
Who has inspired you, personally or professionally, to be who you are? Like a jigsaw puzzle, there are a lot of pieces, a lot of individuals who have inspired me and helped me visualize who I want to be, and what I want from life.
What do you believe with all of your heart? That you should craft happy. I don't mean that you need to only scrapbook the happy stuff or avoid painful topics. I just mean, however you craft and whatever you create should be done in a way that makes you happy to be spending time making something homemade. There isn't a wrong way, there aren't strict rules; there simply is happy crafting.
What do you teach, write, blog, and talk incessantly about? The primary topic of my classes and blog is crafting. I scrapbook with 4" x 6" photos primarily and I don't have hours to spend on each project so I teach what I do, and what I know. I do like to get messy and try new techniques, and I share my process and how I make ideas my own.
When did you get your start? I wanted to meet people in town so I decided to try and become a scrapbook instructor. Instead of that gig I was asked to manage the scrapbook store and a decade later, many jobs and loads of experience later, here I am.
When did you know that this was your path? After my daughter was born and I decided to go freelance I was told I would never make it in the scrapbooking industry, that I'd never be published or work with any manufacturers, and that blogging was ridiculous. I felt something click inside me as I was being put down and discouraged, and I just knew I was going to do my crafty thing and see where the path led me.
Where is your favorite place on earth? With my family, having excellent adventures.
Where do you go to be inspired? I just open my eyes. Inspiration in all kinds of forms is everywhere.
Why are you here at BPC? I've been teaching with Big Picture almost since the beginning, and more than twenty classes later I'm still here. Why? I believe BPC does online classes better than anyone else. They are so friendly, the classroom has all of the interactive features to be able to communicate with my students, and truly it is a pleasure to work with these ladies who let me run with my wild ideas.
Why do you love your life? Life is what you make it, and I work hard. I believe I am truly blessed, but I also know that because I am always looking for the thing to be grateful for, the reason to smile, and the detail that will make me laugh, my life seems even happier.
How do you do everything you do? I employ a small army of pixies, have mason jars with genies in them, and have a staff of 20. Or at least, I wish I did! Truthfully, people all have the same 24 hours in the day. It is a matter of how you use that time, and what you make a priority. Going on unnecessary errands and surfing the internet, not to mention heavy TV watching, take up a lot more time than people realize. Make the time count!
How can we learn more about you? The best place to see my work and get to know more about my crafting is at mayflaum.com.

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A Favorite Layout

This layout is one I made for my class Camp Scrap 2013, and I think it represents all of the things I love about scrapbooking—telling the story
of my family, working in creative play, challenging myself (in this instance
to use orange and blue), and just enjoying some happy crafting.

A Favorite Photo

The best photo of your journey is whatever photo you have. This photo
was taken with my iPhone on vacation and it is my favorite from the
entire vacation—not the ones I took with my fancy camera or that I
set up perfectly. This candid shot is the one that captures my heart
and I think that says everything you need to know about me.

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